Are you ready to begin living the peaceful, joyful life you've dreamed about?

Embarking on the path of healing is not a race to a distant finish line; rather, it's a collection of purposeful steps that gradually unfold.  Your path has intricately woven its way to this very point. So, let's dive in and start creating the live you've dreamed about living!





If you've endured a narcissistic relationship, then likely you are deeply craving inner peace, healthy connections, and the confidence to move forward.  


Luckily, you've come to the right place.  Here you will find the support, compassion, and empathy you need so you can recover from the trauma you've experienced.  


In our coaching programs and groups, you will learn practical tools, tips, strategies, and practices to help you fully step into the next chapter, leaving the past behind. 


Gone are the days of repeating old trauma loops and walking on eggshells, instead you'll be able to charge forward with confidence, clarity, and calm, knowing you'll never again attract another toxic partner into your life. 



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From the depths of my own healing journey emerged a profound realization ‚Äď a calling to purposefully impact the lives of others. This revelation crystallized after healing from a series of toxic relationships.¬† Now, armed with personal experience,¬† intuition,¬† the gift of pattern recognition, and formal training as a Somatic Trauma-Informed Coach‚ĄĘ & Narcissistic Abuse Specialist‚ĄĘ, I guide clients through their own transformative experiences.

I can't wait to support you in releasing your emotional triggers and recovering from narcissistic trauma so you can confidently step into your authenticity and create the richly satisfying life you've been dreaming about!

"Corissa was very easy to work with and gave concrete and immediate feedback and suggestions on how to recognize and alleviate the physical symptoms resulting from trauma and abuse. She is kind and empathetic and explains things in a very clear manner. I felt safe, supported and heard throughout our sessions. "

Cathy P.

"Corissa's expertise in helping and coaching me had a profound impact on me. The tools and techniques she used, really made a big difference as I have never been counseled or coached ever before in my life. I would highly recommend Corissa as she made such a difference in my life. She guided me to think and learn how to do things differently and for that I am forever grateful."

Anna B.
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Support and resources for every stage of your self-healing and recovery journey.

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