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Feeling Confused,  Stuck, or Isolated?


You don't have to struggle in silence any longer.  Knowledge and awareness are POWER.

By watching this Masterclass, you will become aware of the patterns and behaviors of a narcissist and gain a deeper understanding of why you may have been a magnet for these often charismatic, yet manipulative personalities. 

You will also learn how you can begin to break free from the cycle you seem stuck in and how to begin healing from these toxic dynamics. 

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What to Expect

Personal Empowerment

This Masterclass equips you with tools to regain control of your life post-narcissistic abuse. Understand the patterns of a narcissist, why you attracted the narcissist into your life, how you can break free, and what you can do now to begin healing from the abuse.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the expertise of a Narcissistic Abuse Specialist™ and Somatic Trauma Informed Coach™ who understands the intricacies of narcissistic abuse and who can help you feel validated, seen, heard, and understood for the first time in a long time.  You don't have to suffer in silence.

Community Support

If you'd like ongoing support, join StrongHER, a supportive community of women who have experienced narcissistic abuse and who are learning how to reclaim their power, reconnect with their voice, and heal the wounds they have experienced from the trauma of abuse.

Imagine a Life Free from the Trauma of Narcissistic Abuse

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